Set of 6 anatomical posters of the horse

Highly detailed anatomical posters of the horse

Special developped for Veterinary.

Highly detailed anatomical posters of the horse. Special developped for Veterinary. With the new and correct nomenclatura!
  • Laminated
  • With a wire-O binding with hanger, ideal for mounting against the wall and easy to flip over. (simular to a wall calendar)
  • Giant size: 60x80cm
  • Printed on high quality 200g paper

6 posters:

  1. Regions: in 6 languages: Latin, English, French, German Dutch and Spanish)
  2. Skeleton : Latin and English
  3. Musculature: Latin and English
  4. Nervous system: Latin and English
  5. Vascular system: Latin and English 
  6. Internal organs: Latin and English

This versatile and affordable poster delivers sharp, clean images and a high degree of color accuracy. Your poster is printed with an offset lithography press with a coating to protect the inks.

If you're a student and you want to order these posters in larger quantities, we can grant you a discount: contact us!



 With Wire-O metal binding system, easy to mount against to wall. Easy to flip over.